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Mental health is very important in our lives. It's how we live and function day by day. If you are facing a mental illness, I highly encourage you to seek out professional help. Don't wait like I did. Help is out there and I guarantee you will get better and recovery is possible. 

To family and friends, I know it might be tough to see your family member or friend go through a possible mental illness. I've been there too. I highly encourage you to reach out to them reassuring them that you are there for them and help them seek professional mental health services. 


is more important

than your MENTAL HEALTH!

  • Getting Educated 
  • Coping Skills 
  • Your Medical/Support Team
  • Balancing Time 
  • Support Groups 
  • Recovering Well

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Important resources for you if experiencing a mental illness or a family member or friend

What? Who? Why? When? 

Different Types of Mental Illness

Mental Health  

Providing hope, encouragement, inspiration, and resources for those dealing with mental illnesses as well as their family and friends.  

Action Steps for a Brighter Future

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Mental Illness


Disclaimer: We are not mental health professionals but we have mental illnesses ourselves.